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Thursday, May 14, 2009

dirty dryer vents

Keep your dryer running efficiently and avoid possible catastrophic lint fires by doing these three things. First, clean the lint screen and filter after each load. Second, periodically dean the inside of the dryer cabinet ('see "Prevent House Fires--Clean Out Dryer Lint," p. 10). And third, clean the dryer vent.

The new LintEater ($30) from Gardus has a 4-in.-diameter auger brush attached to flexible rods that extend up to 12 ft. to sweep away lint buildup in the duct. Our appliance expert raves about this thing. He once took enough lint out of a dryer vent to fill a paper grocery bag.

A vacuum adapter (included) attaches to the end of the duct (after it's disconnected from the dryer). Then you connect it to a shop vacuum to suck up loose lint while you feed the brush through the duct from the outside vent opening. If the vent is too long, take it apart and clean it in sections.

Cleaner vents allow the dryer to operate more efficiently and prevent a fire hazard. The LintEater is available at Lowe's, Ace True Value and many online retailers.

Gardus, (888) 985-0208.

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