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Saturday, August 15, 2009

The dryer sheet that wouldn't die.

How many ways can you re-use a dryer sheet? Try these, from innkeeper Gary Blankenship of the Walnut Street Inn in Springfield, Mo., courtesy of the organization Bed & Breakfast Inns of Missouri. Used dryer sheets can be used to dust TV and computer screens to eliminate static; clean shower doors to remove soap scum; remove animal hair from furniture and clothing; eliminate static cling (dampen a sheet and run it over pantyhose); freshen a car's air when placed under the seat; and clean baked-on food. Place a used dryer sheet in the pan; fill with water and let it sit overnight, then sponge clean.

Tray makes ice that stays nice

Struggle no more to release ice cubes from the tray, or to pop out only the number you need. Oxo Goodgrips is introducing a covered ice-cube tray that allows you to free easily only those you need. The cover also allows you to stack the trays, carry them from the sink without sloshing, and eliminate freezer odors. Suggested retail: $3.99; at stores this month.

Decor without disaster

Decorating don't: "Never do a room all in one style unless you want a museum look," House Beautiful advises this month in a wrapup of advice. Other words to live by: "Don't use a lonely little rug in a big space." "Don't hang art too high." "People overcompensate and hang pictures too low." "Nothing ages a room faster than out-of-fashion lampshades."

Step back to the '50s

If a vintage look underfoot is your desire, walk this way. Spatter Dash, from Armstrong, comes in several color schemes including Confetti: a buff background sprinkled with clear blue, gray-green, raspberry and tan for a '50s look. It's part of the New Generations line of vinyl floor coverings, priced at about $21.99 a square yard.

- Compiled from staff and wire reports

by Homes editor JUDY STARK

Source Citation:Stark, Judy. "The dryer sheet that wouldn't die." The St. Petersburg Times (St. Petersburg, FL) (June 3, 2000): 1D. Popular Magazines. Gale. BROWARD COUNTY LIBRARY. 15 Aug. 2009

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