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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Laundry basket chandelier

The ethereal quality of this chandelier is what we were after. It offers ambient lighting for outdoor dinners while not blocking the view of the beautiful lake in the distance. Elegant dining tables expect the same etiquette from their chandeliers. A collapsible wire laundry basket adorned with crystals and candles passes cotillion with flying colors.

you'll need

Surface & Embellishments

* Vintage laundry basket.
* Manila rope, 1/4", approximately 50 ft.
* Meal tray, approximately 14".
* Electrical cord.
* Vintage crystals.

Tools & Supplies

* Hammer.
* Pliers.
* Wire cutters.
* Drill.

what to do

(1) Remove plastic casters with hammer.
(2) Push legs of basket together.
(3) Cut rope to desired length, thread
through bottom of legs, and knot.
(4) Measure and drill four
holes evenly spaced around
edge of metal tray. (5) Cut
four strips of electrical
cord to appropriate length
so cord is long enough to
suspend tray in basket (as
shown). (6) Thread cord
through each hole and knot
on underside of tray. (7) Tie
each cord to top of laundry
basket. (8) Attach crystals to
bottom of laundry basket.[GRAPHIC OMITTED]

Text, photos and illustrations reprinted with permission from Junk Beautiful: Outdoor Edition [c] 2009 by Sue Whitney with Kimberly Melamed (The Taunton Press).

Source Citation:Whitney, Sue. "Laundry basket chandelier.(flea market style)(Reprint)." Crafts 'n Things 34.4 (August 2009): 26(2). InfoTrac Vocation, Careers & Technical Education eCollection. Gale. BROWARD COUNTY LIBRARY. 11 Aug. 2009

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