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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Purex 3-in-1 sheets clean up laundry process.(2009 HOT products Editor's Picks)(Statistical data)

Products that simplify tasks are clear favorites with consumers, and it looks like Purex is positioned to win big with Purex Complete 3-in-1 laundry sheets. The sheets, introduced in May, combine ingredients from detergents, softeners and anti-static sheets into one super-concentrated sheet that travels with laundry from washer to dryer to create a streamlined experience for consumers.

Lightweight and sturdy, the sheets are formulated to be used one per wash load. Water from the washer releases detergent during the wash cycle, and the heat of the dryer activates softening and anti-static ingredients once laundry travels to that stage of the process.

American consumers have traditionally rejected the pre-dosed laundry detergents favored in some other countries, but with concern about the environment growing, timing for the product could be perfect. Purex Complete's dispenser is space- and waste-saving--something consumers are increasingly concerned about.

"Consumers want multiple benefits," said Purex brand manager Stephen Koven when the product was introduced. "We've tested Purex Complete 3-in-1 laundry sheets in thousands of homes across America, and the response was overwhelmingly positive."

If the sheets catch on, the mess and hassle of measuring, pouring, spilling and recycling bulky containers could become a thing of the past. It helps that the product also is positioned as a value when compared to purchasing premium brands in multiple product categories.

Complete laundry sheets are available in three scents: Spring Oasis, Tropical Escape and Pure & Clean. Suggested retail for a 20-sheet starter kit, which includes a dispenser and a 24-sheet refill pouch, is $6.49.

Liquid laundry detergent


CATEGORY TOTAL $3,082.9 5.2%

TIDE 1,288.6 3.7
ALL 232.7 5.2
PUREX 219.2 -3.2
ARM & HAMMER 196.3 22.2
GAIN 185.3 4.8
XTRA 127.6 19.5
PRIVATE LABEL 123.8 27.6
CHEER 89.7 -7.2
ALL SMALL & MIGHTY 70.6 -11.9
WISK 65.5 -23.7

* In millions

Source: Information Resources Inc. for the 52 weeks ended April 19
across food, drug and mass (excluding Walmart)Source Citation:White-Sax, Barbara. "Purex 3-in-1 sheets clean up laundry process.(2009 HOT products Editor's Picks)(Statistical data)." Drug Store News 31.7 (June 29, 2009): 50(1). InfoTrac Small Business eCollection. Gale. BROWARD COUNTY LIBRARY. 13 Aug. 2009

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