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Saturday, September 5, 2009


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Speed Queen's 55-pound slim-line dryer takes up less space than a standard-size 50-pound tumbler, while providing more capacity, the company says. This gives self-service laundries the extra room needed without sacrificing capacity.

The dryer fits through a standard 36-inch doorway, unlike many dryers of this capacity, Speed Queen says. It's the perfect replacement dryer and could be an effective way for stores with reduced square footage to upgrade and add drying capacity in the process, the company adds.

Like Speed Queen's T45 stack tumbler, this dryer utilizes tighter tolerances to keep cabinet space to a minimum without sacrificing cylinder capacity, the company says. In addition, it uses an efficient axial airflow process, which helps ensure that all heated air is utilized in the drying process, coming in contact with loads at the optimum point in the tumble action.


Based on in-house testing, the 55-pound tumbler has outperformed 50-pound units in speed and efficiency, so self-service laundry owners are able to reduce gas consumption and customers are able to dry their loads faster, the company says.

The 55-pound dryer also features patented oblong cylinder perforations, which are designed to reduce the risk of internal damage that can result when customers leave small screws in their pockets. Unlike circular holes, these oblong perforations pass the screws before they can tear away at the dryer's sweep sheets, the company says.

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