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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Whirlpool Corp.(Coin-Operated Equipment).

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Whirlpool Corp. offers security features on all coin-laundry equipment to help protect the owner's investment. Washer tops and lids are coated with porcelain to resist chipping and rust, and washer and dryer cabinets are constructed of galvanized metal. "Torx" console screws are made of rustproof stainless steel and cannot be removed with an average screwdriver. And the company's stack dryers have a dual pin to prevent separation.

Mechanical controls are designed for simplicity, durability and flexibility. A simple mechanical timer and direct-drive, beltless washing system offer reliable operation, while a high-speed spin of 640 rpm ensures optimal water extraction. No belts means fewer hassles, fewer repairs and an uninterrupted income stream, the company says.

Whirlpool's high-efficiency top loaders feature up to 17.8 gallons of water savings over current Whirlpool commercial washers, using temperature-controlled fills and a series of "spray rinses." Whirlpool's commercial dryers include a lock blank to deter vandalism, as well as a 1/3-HP motor with overload protection. The dryers also have a balanced airflow system that circulates air throughout the drum to equalize drying temperatures.


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