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Friday, September 4, 2009


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Mara Ranger of Gorham, Maine, was doing laundry on Wednesday, and started pulling the clean clothes out of the machine. What you never want when you are doing this is to feel something move. "I jumped back and its head starts coming out of the washing machine," she said. "It" was an 8-foot reticulated python. "It looked huge." But really, any python coming out of the washing machine probably looks huge. She closed the machine, and contacted animal control, the police and, interestingly, a television station. The animal control guy pulled it out of the machine and will deliver it to an animal park. He said that it probably got in the machine through the water pipes, and that it was likely a pet that someone let go when it got too big. As for Ranger, she plans to be much more careful in doing her laundry in the future.

Flaw & Order

Loaded guns are off street, at least

The gun-control program in Nanchong, China, is going so well, police decided to hold a news conference to tell everyone how safe they were making the streets by collecting illegal weapons. What they weren't making safe, though, was news conferences. According to the Beijing News, many of the seized weapons were on display for the journalists, and an official picked one up for photographers. He fumbled it, and when it hit the floor, it went off, hitting three of the assembled journalists. One of the injured required surgery.

Isn't this supposed to be cocaine?

Police just hate to admit they lost anything. Like, say, 220 pounds of cocaine. But police in Seville, Spain, are on the lookout for the drugs, which were stolen from police headquarters and could be worth almost $8-million, according to El Pais. The drugs were stolen - apparently by someone who had a key to the room - and replaced with talcum powder, so police were not aware of the theft until they went to destroy the drugs. Police only discovered the theft at all because it is policy to test the substance before it is destroyed.

On the road

Turnpike tipper

Tolls on the Massachusetts Turnpike aren't cheap, so it was kind of weird for toll-taker Gary Bonarrigo when a driver handed him a gift. Then it turned out to be a $100 bill, with a card that said "Share." Ultimately, he will, because employees aren't allowed to accept tips. Bonarrigo and his colleagues will select a charity and donate the money.

Stuck in traffic

A highway in Sugar Land, Texas, was closed for eight hours on Thursday after a tanker truck overturned and spilled 5,000 gallons of molasses. "There is no environmental problem, just healthy, all natural molasses," said city spokeswoman Pat Pollicoff.

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"The pope said the world's resources are being squandered because of insatiable consumption. Then the pope put down his jewel encrusted staff, got into his popemobile, and sped off to the Vatican Palace."

Conan O'Brien, host of Late Night



Source Citation:"WOMAN AGITATED TO FIND SNAKE IN HER LAUNDRY.(NATIONAL)." The St. Petersburg Times (St. Petersburg, FL) (July 19, 2008): 4A. Popular Magazines. Gale. BROWARD COUNTY LIBRARY. 4 Sept. 2009

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