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Monday, November 16, 2009


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A range of cutlery polishers launched by Kid Equipment Solutions is designed to lower time spent manually polishing cutlery by up to 90 per cent. Machines dry, polish and sanitise silver and stainless steel cutlery in one sequence, reducing the need to hold large stocks of cutlery or use drying cloths. Three sizes are available suited to smaller restaurants and cafe-bars through to hospitals and airport-size operations.

KiD Catering Equipment Services

Self-serve coffee

FRACINO has developed a self-serve coffee machine called the Attimo. It works with instant ingredients, which enables an 8oz white coffee to be dispensed in around 6 seconds. Encased in stainless steel with touch-pads providing 10 beverage selections including hot water. It is fitted with three canisters for soluble ingredients and a programmable 20 option drinks menu.


Upgraded chilling

IMPROVEMENTS to Lincat's Vista refrigerated countertop merchandiser include addition of automatic defrost, which makes the cabinet suitable for continuous operation within the 2-5[degrees]C range, and air circulation improvements for more even temperature distribution. Prices are unchanged with the VIR100BL version costing [pounds sterling]810.


Do it all

WORKERS want water but why just provide a point-of-use water dispenser? Westomatic's Coffee Time H20 combines the proven Coffee Time beverage dispense concept with a chilled water system in which drinking water passes through Brita filtration and UV purification. The two separate service functions - hot beverages and chilled water - are dealt with via separate outlets within the machine.


Pay as you pour

A free loan deal on coffee dispensers is offered by the recently launched Coffee Ventures. The scheme is based on an agreed number of cups of coffee and fortnightly service visits to restock and service the machine with no lease or maintenance costs and no capital outlay. Overall cost is no more than 25p per cup with all sales above the agreed quantity representing pure profit for the operator. Minimum trading is 40 cups per week with volume sales catered for with larger machines, if required. Coffee supply is based on products from Segafredo Zanetti.

Coffee Ventures

In the ring

ST Margaret's Hospital in Swindon has installed a number of Williams cabinets plus glass freezers, refrigerators, freezer/cold rooms and cold storage room, most of them connected to an installation of the Glycol secondary refrigeration system. This consists of an external unit which pumps a mixture of chilled glycol and water around a ring main to the independently controlled refrigeration units. The system is located externally on the fifth floor roof of the building to eliminate any impact from heat or noise emission.

Williams Refrigeration


An LPG gas-fired trailer unit has been introduced to create the Pickwick mobile gas-fired baked potato kitchen. The mobile unit measures 1430 x 2000 x 2460mm (about the size of a camping trailer) and is said to be lighter and more manoeuvrable than a caravan. The on-board oven can handle 150 x 250g batches of potatoes plus a further 100 in the warming cabinet. A preparation table/counter in stainless steel with menu boards and built-in gas bains marie plus a chilled server are also available as part of the mobile unit, which has full CE conformity.

Potato ovens and soup warmers at discount prices including Victorian Baking Ovens, are available on line from Traditional Themes by its e-commerce website (

Victorian Baking Ovens

Traditional Themes Catering Equipment

Pumped up

A new option in squash dispensing using water coolers has been developed by Get Juiced Up. Its squash dispenser now comes complete with an empty water cooler for companies to refill as desired, with no obligation to buy bottled water at high cost from the cooler manufacturer. Instead, it can either be bought bottled from retail outlets or filled straight from the tap.

Get Juiced Up

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