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Sunday, January 3, 2010

2008 EPBC General Info & Travel Tips - Sponsors. USA, LLC

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Join the Best Heads in the Business Main | Hotel Info | Registration | Agenda & Speakers Travel Tips | New Technology Session | Registration Packet Panel Discussion | Contact Us General Information & Travel Tips Attire: Business Casual clothing is suitable for the entire event. However, some evening meals and functions that you choose to attend at your leisure in Las Vegas may require more appropriate clothing, including perhaps a dinner jacket. Also, we recommend you dress in layers as hotel meeting rooms tend to be too hot for some, while others are quite chilly. We may also host an outdoors evening reception as well, therefore packing a jacket may be a good idea. Calling The Hotel: To reach a guest at the Red Rock, simply call 702-797-7777 where you will reach an operator. Tell the operator the name of the guest you wish to speak with to be transferred. Internet Access: The guest rooms at the hotel have wireless internet access. To access the internet from your room, you can either pay the daily fee of $12.99 for 24 hours by credit card or charged to your room as an incidental which you will be responsible for paying upon check out. Climate: The weather in Vegas in November averages 68 degrees with lows in the mid 40s. It's always a good idea to bring a light jacket "just in case". Faxes To Hotel: For your office needs, you may receive faxes at 702-797-7831 (at your expense). Gratuities: Farm Journal has included ample gratuities for meal and meeting room services. Tipping for your own expenses is at your discretion. Time: Las Vegas is on Pacific Coast Time. For example: 9 a.m. in Las Vegas is 11 a.m. EST. Vehicle Rental: Please note, Farm Journal Media does not recommend nor endorse automobile rentals as they are not mandatory for your participation in this meeting. Farm Journal Media will not be held liable for any vehicle rental situations. If you are considering renting a vehicle, please read all applicable information before making your decision and understand your obligations as some companies and tours hold the renter completely responsible. Thank you to the current EPBC sponsors.

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"2008 EPBC General Info & Travel Tips - Sponsors." Dairy Today (2008). Culinary Arts Collection. Web. 3 Jan. 2010. .

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