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Monday, January 4, 2010

Dorms: Laundry On the Line.(universities use electronic messagingsystems as part of self-serve laundry services)(Brief Article). USA, LLC

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Is there a free washer or dryer? It's an age-old question for dorm dwellers, but one that thousands no longer need to ponder. During summer recess, the University of Miami and the University of Evansville, in Indiana, were among the many institutions that installed Internet-based laundry systems. They let students check the real-time status of each washer and dryer--and register to be notified by e-mail, cell phone or wireless PDA message when their loads are done ("Cycle completed").

Undergrads at the 36 schools that now use Mac-Gray's LaundryView system can see a two-week history of their dorms' laundry-room usage to avoid the crush (Sunday night, no surprise). "The students gave the Mac-Gray guy a standing ovation at his presentation," says Jim Biesecker, director of facilities services at Gettysburg College in Pennsylvania. "It's funny for them to be that excited about laundry."

USA Technologies installed its e-Suds system at 16 schools. Initially, the pilot program was at only one dorm at Carnegie Mellon University, but a survey showed that "97 percent of students agreed it should go campuswide," says Wendy Jenkins, USA Technologies vice president of marketing. No doubt they'd also agree to this text message: "You've mixed whites with colors."

CAPTION(S): Wash U.: New systems on campus

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Joseph, Nicole. "Dorms: Laundry On the Line." Newsweek 26 Sept. 2005: 10. Academic OneFile. Web. 4 Jan. 2010. .

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