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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Tips for your solar dryer on wheels.(Country conversation & feedback). USA, LLCAppliances at

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I was reading the Sept/Oct issue and noticed the letter about using your car as a food dehydrator (p. 21). I wanted to mention a few improvements that makes this idea even better. If you drape clean, black fabric over your food, it will not get bleached out by the sun, thereby preserving flavor and nutrients, and will dry even faster. If you use screened trays (screen should be of a food-safe material--you could use trays from an electric dryer), you can even dry "wet" veggies like blanched sweet corn and green beans or fruits such as apples and berries. I do suggest that you open a window a little bit, on the downwind side, so that the moisture can escape.

This "dryer on wheels" is basically the same concept as to how my dryer design works. (See Larisa's article in the Sept/Oct 2000 issue.) I mention the idea of using a car in my workshop on Energy Wise Food Preservation Strategies that I teach at the Midwest Renewable Energy Fair, and first taught about the "auto" dryer in the late 70s. Fortunately (unfortunately?), almost every American owns one of these potential food preservation tools. However, if you don't want to commit your mode of transportation to a new use, you can always build the Walk Solar powered food dryer as described in my book, A Pantry Full of Sunshine, available directly from me for $11.50 postpaid.

Hope this info inspires more folks to give this a try.--Larisa Walk, RR 3 Box 1603, Winona, MN 55987;

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Walk, Larisa. "Tips for your solar dryer on wheels." Countryside & Small Stock Journal Nov.-Dec. 2003: 10. InfoTrac Vocation, Careers & Technical Education eCollection. Web. 31 Jan. 2010. .

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