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Monday, March 22, 2010

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The noise from the new front-load washing machine upstairs gets transferred through the floor and into the rest of the house. What can I do to quiet things down?

Anyone undertaking a laundry upgrade would do well to beef up the floor under a new high-speed washer to reduce the problem you describe. These machines spin at 1000 to 1800 rpm--that's a lot faster than top loaders, which spin water out of the laundry at 600 to 800 rpm. A good way to reduce the noise transmission is to screw a sheet of 3/4-in. plywood to the floor beneath the washer. If you want the washer and dryer tops level, extend the plywood under the dryer as well. Trim the plywood flush to the washer's front, and fasten it to the floor with 1 1/2-in.-long screws. In most cases, that provides enough sound dampening. If it doesn't, install vibration-isolating pads under the washer's feet. KE Shake Away Plus Vibration Isolation Pads are designed for these high-speed appliances ($30;

Finally, if the noise is not caused by the washer's high-speed spin cycle, but rather by water slamming into the washer's water inlet valve, install a water hammer arrester--literally a shock absorber that cushions the pipes. For instance, the $20 Laundry Mini-Rester 660-H threads onto the cold water valve supplying the washer. Connect the washer's hose to the fitting's outlet.

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