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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

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Have you ever hung your damp clothes on your rotary clothesline, only for them to be drenched in a rainstorm? If so, you will know the frustration of waiting days for your garments to dry--if you don't have the good sense to put them in the tumble dryer, that is.

Still, help is at hand with the Rotopia, a protective covering that inventor Alan Hammond reckons will open up a 'whole new dimension in convenience for householders'.

It's like the invention of the vacuum cleaner and the washing machine all over again.

Not such a dog's life and the cats do get the cream

Britain is widely regarded as a nation of pet lovers. But is it becoming a nation of pet sugar daddies, as well?

Expenditure on pet accessories and health care is forecasted to soar to more than 500m [pound sterling] by 2007, according to a report published by Mintel last week.

Working pet owners--who are racked with guilt about the small amount of time they get to spend with their furry friends--account for most of the money spent.

And it gets worse. Mintel says they are gradually encouraging a 'narrowing of differences between accessories and toiletries for human use and those designed for pets'.

Ah, well--just think of the packaging and naming opportunities for designers. Pit-Bulgari tiaras or Pooch beachwear, anyone?

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Formica, until now better known for its decorative laminates, has launched a clothing range to support its 2004 collection. Fabrics and fashion designer Lyn Randall created the six outfits, which the company claims capture the 'essence' of styling new surfacing products such as Rattan Bamboo and Copper Treadworks in its Veneers and Metallics ranges. The collection debuted last week in the suitably synthetic environs of Madame Tussauds. Trendsetter Kate Moss was, inexplicably, not in attendance.

Small Japanese Soldier has expressed the majority view of the Westlifes and Blues of this world with its V-sign logo for new boy band V. Well, sort of--it's more of a Vulcan greeting, really. Not that the V boys get either reference. Taking a breather from the dance routine accompanying debut single Blood, Sweat and Tears, band member Mark burbled: 'The logo is wicked. It's all about the hand sign!' Ah, bless. At least he's unlikely to be allowed to write any lyrics.

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