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Friday, March 12, 2010

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Thirty-five-year old Meera Jangam thinks twice before preparing a non-vegetarian dish, be it fish or chicken. Not because her family dislikes non-vegetarian food, but because of the severe water shortage she faces due to which she can't wash the raw food properly. "With one hour of water supply, it is difficult to use water for cleaning the non-vegetarian food," she said.

Like Meera, a resident and chairperson of B3 and B4 societies of Rutu Enclave along the Ghodbunder Road, thousands of housewives living along this rapidly-developing region of Thane city echo a similar complaint of acute water shortage. With water supply of about an hour, residents say it is insufficient to meet the daily chores. Many of these residents find an alternative source of water supply through private water tankers. Meera said, "Considering each family comprises at least four members, water supply of merely one hour is no way sufficient for drinking, cooking and washing purposes. The only alternative is to call for water tankers." The society comprising 840 flats has, since its inception eight years ago, been dependent on water tankers. In a week's time, two to three tankers are called for, each costing the society Rs900. In a month's time, the society ends up paying Rs5,000 for buying water from tankers.

In a similar case, members of Lodha Paradise, along Majiwade, too, are facing a water shortage since the past five years. The complex had four buildings comprising 400 flats five years ago. "The water supply from a pipeline of four-inch diameter was sufficient for the members," said Ashok Pohekar, resident of Lodha Paradise. However, in a period of five years, the number of flats has increased by at least 600 with the quantum of water supply remaining constant. "We had requested Thane Municipal Corporation (TMC) to provide the complex with additional supply of water. However, the same has not been accepted," he said.

Each building in the complex orders 50 tankers in a year's time and end up spending more than Rs40,000.

Photo Caption: Residents of Lodha Paradise submitting their application over the water woes to mayor Ashok Vaity and deputy mayor Manoj Lase.- GK Baig.DNA

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"Residents buy water as taps go dry in Thane; Hsg societies along Ghodbunder Road fall back on tankers to meet daily need." DNA [Daily News & Analysis] 27 Jan. 2010. Educator's Reference Complete. Web. 12 Mar. 2010.
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