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Tuesday, May 4, 2010


ENERGY FIELD., originally uploaded by Edward Dullard.
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A recent report has found that as many as one in ten new homes fail to meet energy efficiency requirements as set out by the government. Many of us are being punished for failing to reach these standards by receiving high energy bills and having to resort to not using our heaters, often resulting in colder homes. Energy efficiency can easily be achieved though as here at Conservatory outlet we provide some of the best double glazing you will find anywhere in the UK.

Our double glazing could bring a huge reduction in the amount of money you pay on your energy per quarter, meaning an even bigger saving of money over time. Because our uPVC windows are composed using two thick panes of glass it makes it less likely that heat generated in the home will be able to pass through them. Installing our 'A' rated windows will make it virtually 100% certain that no heat will escape through them.

They will also enhance the amount of natural light that is able to flood into your home, making it a brighter place. We can also ensure that all our windows are securely constructed so that you need not have any apprehension about any sort of intruder gaining access to your home through the windows. Like our uPVC doors you will find that our windows are able to withstand even the most extreme weather, making wear and tear, rotting and fading a thing of the past.

We also know that not everyone will want white frames for their home as they will not always suit the existing look of every home. That is why we do not limit you to one colour, with us being able to supply frames in a variety of colours, one of which is bound to be to your taste. Call us free on 0800 915 8844 and lets get energy efficient together.

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"Meet Energy Efficiency Standards In Your Home With Conservatory Outlet Double Glazing; A recent report has found that as many as one in ten new homes fail to meet energy efficiency requirements as set out by the government." OfficialSpin 20 Apr. 2010. Business Economics and Theory. Web. 4 May 2010.
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