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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

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Allegheny Power said it is recognizing National Electrical Safety Month by reminding its customers to take safety precautions when using electric appliances and working around electric equipment.

To encourage higher awareness of electrical safety, Allegheny said it offers the following tips:

Outdoor Safety Tips:

-Overhead power lines are not insulated. Before working outdoors, take a survey of overhead lines and avoid contact at all times.

-Never touch a fallen wire or any object that is in contact with one. Always assume that a fallen wire is energized and keep clear of it.

-When moving any object around your home or business, keep clear from power lines. Pay particular attention when moving a ladder to ensure it does not come into contact with any power lines.

-Never climb a tree that has power lines running through it or near it. In addition, never climb poles or fences surrounding substations or other electrical devices - the equipment inside can be charged with thousands of volts of electricity.

-Electricity and water do not mix. Keep power tools, radios, appliances, electric lawn mowers and other lawn tools away from swimming pools, sprinklers, garden hoses and wet grass. Never operate electric tools in the rain.

-Be sure you have ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) protection on all outdoor outlets. Portable GFCIs are available at most hardware and home improvement stores.

Indoor Safety Tips:

-Counterfeit electrical products, including extension cords, power strips and appliances, are finding their way into homes and businesses. These imitation items can cause fires, shocks and electrocutions. Scrutinize the product's packaging and the labeling, and look for a certification mark from an independent testing organization, such as Underwriters Laboratories (UL).

-Never use an electrical appliance near water, when your hands are wet, or when you are working around wet areas. Use and store appliances away from the sink, bathtub and shower. Keep hair dryers, curling irons and similar devices away from water.

-Inspect appliance cords periodically and replace if frayed or damaged. If you need an extension cord, use a heavy-duty cord and make sure it is in good condition. Always connect appliances to a grounded wall outlet and not to a light fixture. Disconnect appliances by grasping the plug - never by pulling on the cord.

-Before cleaning or repairing any appliance, be sure it is disconnected or the circuit is turned off. Never use an appliance that is sparking, making unusual noises or not operating properly.

-Inspect power tools often and make sure their electrical cords are free of defects. Store power tools in a dry area - dampness can damage tools and create a shock hazard when they are used. Never use power tools around wet areas or when standing on a wet surface.

-Never insert anything into an electrical outlet except the plug of an appliance. To protect small children, check out the new tamper-resistant receptacles or insert "dummy" plugs in unused outlets. In addition, never leave light bulb sockets empty. If a bulb burns out, leave it in the socket until it can be replaced.

Headquartered in Greensburg, Pa., Allegheny Energy is an investor-owned electric utility with total annual revenues of over $3 billion and more than 4,000 employees. The company owns and operates generating facilities and delivers electric service to 1.6 million customers in Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Maryland and Virginia.

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