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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Making dust disappear: arm yourself with the right tools.(AROUND THEESTATE). USA, LLC

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Wealthy families want their homes to look pristine and dustfree. For people with allergies, keeping a home free of dust is essential to maintaining health.

Fortunately, there are many dust-busting tools on the market today, from vacuum cleaners with advanced HEPA filters to microfiber dust cloths.

Microfiber cleaning cloths clean dirt, dust, grease, and grime from any hard surface, without cleaners or chemicals--which is important for those who don't tolerate chemical smells. They are available in a variety of colors for different projects. We recommend www. for microfiber cloths and other cleaning supplies.

Dust mops are used to dry-clean hardwood floors. They work better than brooms, because they trap and hold fine dust. They should be laundered regularly.


Lambswool dusters are especially good for removing cobwebs and dusting chandeliers, ceiling fans, Venetian blinds, mini-blinds, and wooden or cloth walls. Large ones are useful for wood floors and leather or cloth-covered walls. Never use this type of duster on rough wood or masonry; it will stick to rough surfaces.

The best feather dusters are made from female ostrich feathers. They are softer and absorb dust (until you shake them outside). They are perfect for touch-up dusting of glass-covered artwork, glass on china cabinets, windows, and door frames.

Vacuum cleaners with HEPA filters are your best weapons against dust. With the right attachments, you can clean carpets, bare floors, lampshades, upholstered furniture, drapes, and appliances.

How often you dust depends on how well the air filter works in the home, the amount of traffic in the home, the homeowners' preferences, and whether anyone in the family has allergies.

Dust occurs not just at eye level; natural air currents in the house deposit dust high (near the ceiling) and low (on the floor). After traffic stirs it up, it lands heavily on furniture legs and the lower half of larger pieces of furniture. A good dust detective remembers this pattern. Always work from top to bottom, back to front: Start high in the room and move down, from the back forward. This way you will not dust anything twice.

When you use a cloth or duster, turn it to a clean side when it becomes covered with dust. Shake or replace it periodically to prevent spreading dust. Always dust with a smooth motion--never a slinging one. Avoid dust-attracting sprays and oily polishes on pieces where the finish can maintain its own luster.


* Maintaining proper matting at all entrances

* Replacing or cleaning furnace and air-conditioner filters frequently

* Caulking or weather-stripping cracks and holes that let air into the home

* Making sure the vacuum is not leaking dust


* Wash bedding at least twice a week in hot water. Water at 130 degrees kills dust mites.

* Vacuum the mattress once a month when you wash the mattress pad.

* Vacuum carpeted floors several times a week.

* Use pillowcase protectors on pillows and mattress pads on mattresses; wash these frequently.

* Keep windows closed, especially during high pollen counts.

* Practice scrupulous housekeeping: Eliminate clutter, keep possessions in their proper places, and use the proper chemicals for the job. Damp-dust and mop surfaces to prevent scattering of dust.

* Change furnace filters frequently.

CAROL SCUDERE is the owner of Professional Domestic Services & Institute in Ohio. For the last 20 years she has been teaching the "Art of Caring for the Wealthy" to individuals with a true service heart.

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