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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

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My First Appliances, originally uploaded by Steve A.

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Our monthly round-up reveals what's new in hospitality equipment, including a six-in-one cutting board and laundry appliances with a mind of their own

1. European first

The latest additions to Electrolux's Generation 4000 line of appliances are claimed to be the only professional washer-dryers in Europe. The two models, with 6.5kg and 12kg load capacities, are designed to save space and time.

Although they combine washing and drying, both functions can be used separately. Staff simply load the laundry, press the start button and return when the task is complete. A smart user interface using Compass Controls technology allows operators to select a programme from the wash library that ensures the right programme is used to minimise energy, water and time. There are three settings - Economy, Performance (for higher-quality wash programmes) and Time, which reduces the length of the cycle - along with a quick-start button that can be set for the most-used programmes.

The washer-dryers also provide a voice guidance system giving vocal instructions to users for settings where elderly or disabled people are accommodated. Instead of drawing air from outside, the dryer uses an energy-saving patented system that forces the air from within the room to pass over the drum in conjunction with a heat-exchange process.

To buy it, call

Electrolux Professional

0121-220 2800

2. Fast birds

The patented design of Rational's new Chicken and Duck Superspikes, which hold birds vertically, allows restaurants to produce roast fowl quickly and easily while keeping the breast meat succulent and the skin crispy and evenly browned. The gastronorm-compatible accessories are intended for use with Rational combi-ovens and SelfCooking Centers. Several versions of the Chicken Superspike will hold 4-12 birds at a time. The smallest six-grid SelfCooking Center will roast up to 24 birds at once, while the largest, 40-grid model can handle 120 birds. The Duck Superspike, which can hold up to eight birds, allows caterers to roast between eight and 64 birds at a time, depending on oven model. A 1.1kg chicken will roast in less than half-an-hour, compared with 50 minutes in a conventional cooker, and even faster using the SelfCooking Center's Finishing technology. This allows caterers to partly roast the chickens, then chill and refrigerate them before popping them back in the oven for finishing in just 18 minutes.

To buy it, call

Rational UK

0800 389 2944

3. Air-free storers

A new line of food containers from Planetary Design banish oxygen to provide an almost indefinite storage life for foods such as coffee, tea, herbs, spices, biscuits and baking materials that are prone to spoiling under oxidation. Made from restaurant-grade 18/8 stainless steel, the new Airscape cans use a patented internal valve that is pushed to the surface of the contents forcing air out via a small hole with an audible hiss. The external lid - which is clear, to provide a window on the contents, but still screens out damaging ultraviolet light - is then pushed into place. The containers have a 32fl oz capacity, a 5in diameter and a 7in height. They come with rubber bases to prevent slipping and a choice of enamelled paint finishes in Lavender, Mocha, Green Tea, Paprika, Chrome and Black. List price is [pounds sterling]10.53 plus VAT per container. The minimum order is for a case of 12 cans of mixed colours.

To buy it, call

The Really Sensible Trading Company

01873 851953

4. Sterling surfaces

Price and quality are what differentiate the two new lines of fabricated stainless-steel centre tables, wall benches and accessories from E&R Moffat. Economy E range models are forged from type-430 stainless steel, while the premium S range, which is about 13% dearer than the budget line, is made from 304-grade stainless steel. Tables feature double tops reinforced with galvanised plate for added strength and stiffness, undershelves, and adjustable legs or castors. Tables and benches have a standard height of 850mm depths of 600mm, 650mm and 700mm and standard lengths increasing in 300mm increments from 600mm to 2,400mm. Banks of runners and drawers are available as optional extras. They include drip trays and 1/1 gastronorm drawer units with locks and either stainless-steel or polypropylene lift-out pans or four-section lift-out cutlery boxes.

To buy it, call

E&R Moffat

01324 812272

5. Aired options

The new Air-O-Convect ovens from Electrolux aim to provide the benefits of higher-class oven in a cost-effective format. They allow chefs to par-steam, poach, stew, braise, roast, bake and broil using the 11-setting automatic humidifier. Control panel options add double-step cooking (high humidity for even cooking and high temperature for crispiness) manual water injection rapid cooling hold, for baking and slow cooking and exhaust valve control, for extra-crisp, to the chef's bag of tricks.

The stainless-steel ovens with double glass doors use highly efficient heat exchangers and low-emission gas-blown burners. Other facilities include food probes, four auto-cleaning cycles and semi-automatic cleaning options. There are five gas and five electric models in a range of sizes - from a 6 x 1/1 gastronorm model with a 30kg capacity, for producing up to 60 meals a day, to a 20 x 2/1 gastronorm oven with a 180kg, 300-meal-a-day capacity. The wide range of accessories includes tray racks and trolleys, griddles, frying pans, baking trays and cupboard bases.

To buy it, call

Electrolux Professional

0121-220 2800

6. Counter-top boiler

Self-service operations are the target for Instanta's DB200 stainless-steel counter-top hot water boiler, which offers push-button dispense and minimal steam escape. The appliance produces up to 28 litres of hot water per hour, which is kept at a constant 98[degrees]C and drawn off by a push-and-hold mechanism. Features include a security-conscious programmable locking device that toggles the machine in and out of operating mode an energy-saving Eco mode five water sensor levels and an early-warning intelligent diagnostic system that displays messages on an LCD screen. The boiler is supplied with a stainless-steel drip tray.

To buy it, call


01704 501114

7. Convection choices

The four-strong YXD line of electric convection baking ovens from Pantheon are compact enough to use front of house, with external dimensions of 595mm wide x 595mm deep x 570mm high housing an internal volume of about 63 litres. All feature four sturdy interior shelves, an interior light, and an audible 12-minute timer. List prices start from [pounds sterling]640 for the basic, convection-only YXD-1A model. For added control and flexibility, there is a steam-pulse option available on the YXD-2A model and an upper chamber heater on the YXD-3A, while both options are available on the YXD-4A oven. All are supplied with Pantheon's 12-month parts and labour warranty.

To buy it, call

Pantheon Catering Equipment

0870 990 5790

8. Six-in-one

Profboard, a robust, high-density cutting board that is guaranteed for five years, is designed to help caterers comply with HACCP hygiene rules with just one unit. The patented base board, made from virgin PEHD (high-density polyethylene), comes with six changeable coloured sheets made to a special polyethylene specification that fit securely over patented corner holders on the base board. The sheets are colour-coded for different raw ingredients to prevent cross-contamination: blue (fish), red (raw meat), yellow (poultry), white (dairy), green (vegetables) and black (serving and carving roast).

The non-absorbent base board is claimed to be the densest available that will not dull knives. It can be cleaned in commercial dishwashers and is resistant to stains, warping, bending, chipping and cracking. The dishwasher-safe sheets, which are sold separately, are best replaced after four months' use. The board, which has stainless-steel stands with rubber feet for stability, comes in four sizes (280mm x 280mm, 300mm x 400mm, 400mm x 600mm, and the gastronorm 325mm x 530mm for insertion in stainless-steel worktops) with list prices from [pounds sterling]37.50 to [pounds sterling]62. Cutting sheets, which can be stored in a wall holder, range from [pounds sterling]1.30 to [pounds sterling]2.25, while special chopping covers for meat or fish bones are priced from [pounds sterling]27 to [pounds sterling]46.

To buy it, call


01788 860525

9. Italian ice

A five-strong line of compact ice-makers from Kastel of Italy have joined the Apuro catalogue to help caterers produce enough ice to keep up with soaring demand for smoothies and cocktails. Built from durable stainless steel and operated by electronic controls, the machines utilise a spray system to produce clear, hard, full cubes of ice.

Kastel has simplified maintenance to prolong the products' lives by using removable external panels and allowing the external air filters to be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner. The smallest model, the 22/5, has space-saving dimensions of 350mm x 450mm x 575mm to sit on a counter top. It can produce 22kg of ice in 24 hours and store up to 5kg of cubes. The largest model, the 75/40, has dimensions of 740mm x 605mm x 915mm, a daily production capacity of 75kg and storage space for 40kg. All come with a one-year on-site warranty.

To buy it, call


0121-744 0968

10. Easy-reach combi

Ergonomics is the key to the new 16-tray combi-oven that Danish group HounA[paragraph], part of the US-based Middleby Corporation, has added to its Visual Cooking line. The oven is designed to be at a convenient working height so all the runners are within easy reach. This makes loading and unloading faster and safer and ensures the full oven capacity is used, compared with 20-tray ovens, which can be difficult and risky to fully load. The oven, which can prepare up to 240 portions at a time, can thus offer energy and cost savings over larger models. The 16-tray combi comes with the option of injection steam or a steam generator.

To buy it, call


00 45 87 11 47 29

11. Sixth sense laundry

The new Whirlpool Pro 6 commercial laundry appliances are compact units that promise smaller energy bills but full washing power for caterers, small-scale hoteliers and care homes. The 6kg washer and dryer both use "sixth sense" washing and drying technologies that detect the type and size of the load and use only the minimum energy, water and detergent required.

The washer, which has a fast 1,400rpm spin speed, uses in-built sensors to calculate the amount of water needed for the load and to control the water temperatures and wash cycles. Features include a blue LCD display a start delay of up to 19 hours variable temperature and spin speeds to suit different fabrics specialist programmes for wools, delicates and rapid washes an anti-bacterial programme advanced A-AB Class wash and energy performance and an Aquastop safety system to guard against floods.

The dryer's condenser system removes the need for venting and incorporates a bottle container that allows condensed water to drain away or connect to the drain. Features include LED control-panel lights an internal light an overdry protection system and front filter access. The washer and dryer both come with a two-year fully inclusive commercial guarantee.

To buy it, call


0121-744 0968

12. Danish foamer

NitoClean Ergo is a foam-dispensing cleaning system from Danish firm Vitak that uses a low-pressure water supply of 10 bar to achieve high-quality cleaning in small spaces and reduced times. A 2.7-litre colour-coded bottle, chosen from five possible colours, is filled with the desired Vikan chemical or sanitiser using the selected dosing nozzle to ensure correct dilution. When the bottle is attached to a hose, the handle and trigger mechanism sprays the foaming solution on to surfaces. Residual chemicals and dirt are washed away by the rinse nozzle. The system can deliver 6.7 litres per minute at temperatures up to 60[degrees]C. All connecting pieces are made from chrome-plated brass, and components can be bought separately.

To buy it, call

Vikan UK

01793 716760

13. Rock chic

Style and sturdiness are the keynotes of the new Diamond Series of heavy-duty gas-burner ovens from Imperial. The body is built from 16-gauge steel and has a wide, high shelf and front ledge, sturdy 2.5in-diameter legs, and cast-aluminium knobs with Vylox heat protection grips. Inside are porcelainised surfaces for better browning and easy cleaning, an M-shaped oven burner for even heat distribution, and a precise thermostat.

The standard oven achieves 40,000BTU per hour while the convection model with electronic ignition system offers 35,000BTU per hour, which is said to be 21% more efficient than other models on the market. Both use wavy grates mounted flush to the front ledge that lift the pan off the surface to improve heat transfer. Buyers can opt for a standard oven base or a sizzle'n'chill base which maintains a constant 2-4[degrees]C drawer temperature.

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