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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Compact Speedy Clothes Dryer. USA, LLC

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Zojirushi Mahobin has released "Pretty Dry RV-EA56" a compact (W: 14cm x D: 37cm x H: 47cm) dehumidifying type clothes dryer featuring an antibacterial and odour suppressing mode.

The lightweight device weighing just 5.8kg is capable of extracting up to 5.6 litres of moisture from the air and is simply placed in front of damp clothes hung up to dry on an in-door clothes horse, etc. The device features 3 settings including a "Night dry", "Speed dry" and an "Economy dry" and emits negative ions said to be good for general health and well being. Cord reel included. Price: 43,000 yen.

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"Compact Speedy Clothes Dryer." Asia Africa Intelligence Wire 25 June 2003. General OneFile. Web. 7 Dec. 2010.
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