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Friday, December 10, 2010

North Haven, Conn., company creates device to clean dryer vents, linttraps. USA, LLC

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Jul. 8--NORTH HAVEN -- For Dave Kresge, his invention, the LintEater, is not merely about cleaning clothes dryer lint traps and vents -- it's about saving lives.

Kresge, president of Gardus Inc. at 86-B Leonardo Drive, invented the LintEater -- a kit containing a rotary brush and five three-foot-long flexible rods, designed to clean dryer vents and lint traps -- after noticing that most homeowners don't realize the potential fire hazard posed by their dryers.

Each year, dryers cause more than 15,000 fires, according to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission.

"Our main focus is really on public awareness," said Kresge, who lives in North Haven.

Lint can accumulate in dryers and block the airflow in the machine, causing excessive heat buildup that can result in fire, according to the U.S. Consumer Safety Product Commission.

Kresge founded Gardus Inc. last year to launch the LintEater. In light of successful sales online, Kresge said he plans to sell the product in Ace Hardware and Sears stores starting in a month or two, with other national retailers to follow.

"If we can save one life, all of our effort will be worth it," he said.

The LintEater suctions lint out of dryer vents, using either the dryer itself for electric power or by attaching, with adapters, to a shop vacuum or leaf-blower.

Kresge invented it after witnessing firsthand how many homeowners are unaware of potential dryer fire dangers.

Prior to founding Gardus Inc., he owned RoVac Systems Inc., a North Haven company he founded in 1999 that manufactured specialized vacuums and rotary cleaning tools for chimneys, air ducts and dryer vents.

Before that, he owned and operated Magic Brush Chimney & Air Duct Specialists, another North Haven company, for 16 years.

His work experience showed him the LintEater was necessary, he said.

"There was a tremendous need for every homeowner to have something they could use on a regular basis," Kresge said. "I've cleaned these for 16 years and tried every other method out there."

The Handyman Club of America recently endorsed the LintEater.

Kresge and his three employees at Gardus have other safety products in the works, he said.

"The LintEater is just one of many products we plan to bring to market that will make a major impact," he said.

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"North Haven, Conn., company creates device to clean dryer vents, lint traps." New Haven Register [New Haven, CT] 8 July 2005. General OneFile. Web. 10 Dec. 2010.
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