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Friday, March 9, 2012

Harvesting Rain Water...And Other Ways to Green the Laundry Room USA, LLC
Washer/dryer FREE by BenWing
Washer/dryer FREE, a photo by BenWing on Flickr.

Going beyond using green washer/dryer equipment, Jonathan Rose Companies LLC demonstrates some cutting-edge methods to further conserve water and/or electricity in laundry rooms. * At its $20 million 50-unit Metro Green Apartments in Stamford, Conn., the company is diverting rainwater for use in its laundry rooms, according to Paul Freitag, director of real estate development. The rain water is harvested from the roof and stored in 10,000 gallon storage tanks and used also for irrigation. For laundry purposes, the water is filtered and treated with ultraviolet light. The project is earning the development three LEED points: 1) for stormwater runoff quantity, 2) stormwater quality, and 3) landscaping. Other equipment needs for the project include water pumps, solenoid valves for backup to domestic water, UV filter, and rainwater filters. * At another Rose development, the 185-unit, 12-story mixed-income Tapestry in New York City's Harlem, the company is using smart technology to regulate the air fan that powers the dryer vents, adds Freitag. Because the dryers are located far from the outer wall, the fans are needed to push the air out, he explains. Normally, such fans run continuously. But a smart-tech sensor will activate the fan only when dryers are running. Additionally, Freitag notes, the technology saves on the loss of air-conditioned air from the interior space.

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"Harvesting Rain Water...And Other Ways to Green the Laundry Room." Multi-Housing News 2 Apr. 2009. Home Improvement Collection. Web. 9 Mar. 2012.
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