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Friday, April 13, 2012

"Hurst Boiler & Welding Co., Inc.: St. Elizabeth Hospital selects HurstBoiler to help earn Energy Star designation

St. Elizabeth Hospital, part of Affinity Health System, in Appleton, WI has earned the ENERGY STAR designation from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and is one of the few hospitals in the nation to hold this recognition. The prestigious ENERGY STAR signifies that the building's energy performance rates in the top 25 percent of facilities nationwide.

To earn this status, St. Elizabeth Hospital created a culture of energy conservation awareness. They created an ENERGY TEAM, upgraded equipment, and implemented a state of the art tracking system to trend and communicate energy consumption. St. Elizabeth Hospital partnered with Affiliated Engineers, Boldt Construction and Tweet/ Garot Mechanical to design and install an energy efficient Central Utility Plant.


Mike Sturdivant, Executive Vice President of Tweet/Garot Mechanical, Inc., was instrumental in the selection of the utility systems for the St. Elizabeth Hospital project. "Our firm conducted a detailed evaluation for Affinity Health System to find the most efficient and reliable boiler systems commercially available," said Sturdivant. "We selected (2) 700 HP Hurst scotch marine, four pass, wetback boilers with high performance Riello burners and integrated plant master controls. This package provided a very competitive first cost, the best efficiency and lowest long term operating cost."

Ron Piotrowski, Plant Operations for St. Elizabeth Hospital is pleased with the performance of the boilers. "We are totally impressed with the operation and turndown of the Hurst boiler systems Tweet/Garot recommended," said Ron. "In warm weather our old boiler system used to cycle constantly. Now, with outside air temperatures nearing 100[degrees]F, our 700 HP Hurst Boilers don't even cycle. The high turndown Riello burners on our Hurst boilers allow the system to run efficiently down to 10% of full firing rate. The greatest benefit to the hospital is that the boilers run with very low excess air through the entire firing range and our steam pressure doesn't deviate from the 60 PSI set-point."


According to Sturdivant, "Going forward, the performance of the new boiler system will save the Hospital even more money as the efficient turndown of the primary 700 HP Hurst boilers will negate the need for them to purchase and install a separate smaller summer boiler. The up-front design assistance, implementation, and commissioning provided by McCotter Energy Systems, the local Hurst Boiler representative, and the quality and performance of the Hurst Boiler system have made this a "model project" for our firm."

McCotter Energy Systems is committed to providing the most reliable and efficient heat and power solutions to their business partners. President, Dan McCotter says, "It's truly exciting to be able to offer our clients a high performance Hurst Series 500 package with the "smart energy" benefits of the Riello high efficiency burner and integrated touch screen controls with real- time efficiency monitoring. We call it our high efficiency Red Boiler Package."

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